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Policy dialogue

Policy Dialogue

Danube-INCO.NET was a project to support policy dialogue. Ccoordination of policies and fostering discussion among policy makers and between policy makers and other relevant stakeholders was one of most relevant project targets. There was a work package (WP2) specifically targeting the support to policy dialogue, while it can be said that also the analysis carried out in the project always led to recommendations for policy makers and have implications for policies.  


Danube-INCO.NET in particular supported policy dialogue with a focus on:

• the EUSDR Priority Areas, as far as they are addressing research and innovation issues,

• the coordination of multiple STI policy dialogue forums in the region,

• the policy dialogue on the implementation of the flagship initiative “Innovation Union of the Europe 2020 Strategy” and in particular the implementation of the European Research Area (ERA).

Find here the available results within this project workpackage. If you have any specific questions or inputs, feel free to get in touch with us at office@danube-inco.net


Below you can access directly the portal information content referring to the policy dialogue.

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