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PLUGGY: an inventive Social Networking site for cultural heritage

Pluggy is a European project funded within the Horizon 2020 programme. It is a social-cultural platform, which includes features like Augmented Reality, Geolocation, 3D sound and games to enjoy interactive and collective stories. Every user can become a storyteller by creating fascinating personalized novels or report real news and sharing them through social networking with friends, associates, and professionals.

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PLUGGY Press Release

A Facebook-like social platform and a series of smartphone apps are on the way to promote citizens’ active involvement in bringing out their local cultural environment and in safeguarding and enriching the European cultural heritage landscape. A European consortium of nine partners from Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and the UK have started working together on PLUGGY, a new EU Project which is funded with around €2.3 million by the EU research programme Horizon 2020 and is aimed at promoting citizens' active involvement in Europe's rich cultural heritage.

Over the next three years, PLUGGY is expected to launch an inventive, Facebook-like social platform as well as a series of Augmented Reality, Geolocation, 3D Sonic and Gaming smartphone apps that will enable citizens across Europe and the world to shape and pass on both individual and collective cultural experiences, thereby enhancing the value of cultural heritage and contributing towards its enrichment.



PLUGGY addresses the need of society to be actively involved in cultural heritage activities, not only as an observer but also as a creator and a major influencing factor.

A heritage that is everywhere, and relevant to everyday life is one of the preconditions for genuine sustainability. Currently, there are not adequate ICT tools to support citizens in their everyday activities in shaping cultural heritage and be shaped by it. Existing applications and repositories for heritage dissemination do not really create heritage communities. Social platforms certainly offer potential to build networks, but they have not been exploited yet with regards to cultural heritage promotion and integration in people’s everyday life.

PLUGGY, the Pluggable Social Platform for Heritage Awareness and Participation, aims to bridge this gap by providing the necessary tools to allow users to share their local knowledge and everyday experience with others, together with the contribution of cultural institutions, building extensive networks around a common area interest, connecting the past, the present and the future.


The approach

PLUGGY provides a social platform and a series of pluggable applications that aim at facilitating a continuing process of creating, modifying and safeguarding heritage where European citizens will be consumers, creators and maintainers of cultural activities.

PLUGGY’s Social Platform users will be able to curate stories using PLUGGY’s Curatorial tool. Content will be both crowdsourced and retrieved from digital collections, allowing users to create links between seemingly unrelated facts, events, people and digitized collections, leading to new approaches of presenting cultural resources and new ways of interacting with them. PLUGGY’s users will build living Virtual Exhibitions around topics they think are important and publish them for others to experience. The collections of these Virtual Exhibitions will eventually form Virtual Museums, curated and experienced by virtual heritage communities.

PLUGGY’s Social Platform users will be able to access its content through a dedicated web interface and Virtual Exhibitions through the pluggable applications. They will be able to search its overall content ranging from localized specific content to comprehensive personalized stories and experience Virtual Exhibitions through applications, covering a variety of technologies from Augmented and Virtual Reality to collaborative games for mobile devices. Through the Social Platform, they will be able to create networks, communities and link with other social media.

PLUGGY will provide the necessary architecture, structure and interfaces for the creation of pluggable applications, allowing for beyond-the-project, not yet imagined ways to utilize the content on the social platform, while focusing on the design of the social interaction, helping to build new virtual heritage communities.



PLUGGY enables the European citizens, even in less developed regions, to be actively involved in cultural heritage activities, allowing a better understanding of their local surroundings and relations with cultures far away.

Through their cooperation and interaction, the users of the PLUGGY social platform and its pluggable applications will be able to develop a common cultural and intellectual heritage of Europe and to participate in the shaping of an overall European culture landscape.


For more information please visit http://www.pluggy-project.eu

Program: Horizon 2020 | S&T field/scope: H2020 general, ICT | Affilation and Pillar: Key stakeholders, Research and innovation community | Geographical focus: EU Member States, Slovak Republic