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STI International Cooperation Network for EaP Countries Plus (EaP PLUS)

This project aims to stimulate cooperation between researchers from the EaP countries and EU MS and enhance the active participation of the Eastern Partnership countries in Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

  • Posted on: 03.02.2017
  • Project date: September 2016 - August 2019
  • Acronym: EaP PLUS
  • Coordinating institute: Centre for Regional and International STI Studies and Support – CeRISS

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Building on the results of the predecessor FP7 project 'IncoNet EaP', the project will eliminate remaining obstacles to EU-EaP STI cooperation through a number of innovative and targeted actions:

(a) strategic priority setting through supporting EU-EaP policy dialogue and through maximizing the impact of the Association to Horizon 2020, i.e. Conference on “Sharing Experiences from the Association” and Workshop dedicated to Programme Committee members from EaP countries;

(b) stronger interaction between researchers & participation in H2020, i.e. Info days, cooperation with scientific diaspora, and targeted grants for networking;

(c) promotion of the research innovation interface supporting communities of excellence, i.e. co-patenting analyses, clustering schemes, promotion of the technology platforms concept to EaP countries;

(d) enhancing optimal framework conditions and increasing coordination in policies and programmes through training seminars for STI policymakers, increased coordination and synergies between policies and programmes of EU/MS and EaP, i.e. JPIs, COST, national programmes;

(e) communication and outreach through innovative actions, including social media.

Through this coherent set of activities the output of EaP PLUS project will impact at both the policy and the operational levels, i.e. policy makers, researchers and innovation actors. In parallel, the project will be in close interaction with the civil society in a two-way exchange in order to detect trends and to promote the importance of the EU – EaP STI cooperation.

The EaP PLUS Work Plan consists of six dedicated work packages:

WP1 Policy Dialogie & Strategic Priority Setting more info
WP2 Stronger interaction between researchers & participation in H2020 more info
WP3 Enhancing the EU-EaP research and innovation partnership more info
WP4 Optimal framework conditions and increasing coordination in policies and programmes more info
WP5 Communication, dissemination, outreach and exploitation more info
WP6 Management  & Quality Control more info


Check more information at the official project platform: https://www.eap-plus.eu or contact the project coordinator:

Centre for Regional and International STI Studies and Support – CeRISS
Pal. Benizelou 2, 105 56 Athens, Greece
Website: www.ceriss.eu

Coordinator: Dr. George Bonas (Managing Director, CeRISS)
Email address: george.bonas@ceriss.eu

Project Manager: Mr. Yannis Kechagiaras
Email address: yannis.kechagiaras@ceriss.eu


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Program: Horizon 2020 | S&T field/scope: H2020 general | Affilation and Pillar: Research and innovation community | Geographical focus: Neigbourhood Countries, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, International/Other