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Development of master curricula for natural disasters risk management in Western Balkan countries (NatRisk)

The project is co-financed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency through the Erasmus+: Higher Education – International Capacity Building (KA2 – Capacity Building in the field of Higher Educaton). The overall aim  is to educate experts for prevention and management of natural disasters in the region of Western Balkan (WB) according to the national and EU policies. 

  • Posted on: 10.12.2016
  • Project date: December 2016 - December 2019
  • Acronym: NatRisk
  • Coordinating institute: University of Niš

Work methodology of NatRisk project is elaborated through eight work package types, encompassing in total 34 activities necessary to achieve project aims and objectives. Precise milestones and delivery dates as well as the content of the deliverables are defined in a detailed work plan.

Besides day-by-day visible outcomes (reports, analyses, study visits, action plans, etc.), more   prominent outputs showing to what extent the project objectives are met will be:

- Developed/modernized master curricula and modules in WB partner HEIs, in accordance with the highest EU standards, followed by accreditation
- Contemporary equipped laboratories for studies in the field of NDRM
- Enrollment of students to the new master curricula offering mobility options for them and teaching staff
- Developed and conducted educational trainings for citizens and public sector in the field of NDRM.

Finally, since the background for the foreseen activities is in accordance with EU standards and the best practices it is expected that all partner universities will educate experts with adequate knowledge and competences, which will be able to employ in relevant institutions for NDRM.

Sustainability of the NatRisk project will be ensured with the following outcomes:
1) seven new master programmes at the WB partner HEIs that will be developed, accredited and implemented;
2) three new training programmes (one per each WB partner country)  with training materials for public sector and citizens developed and conducted;
3) retrained teaching staff with up-to-date knowledge to teach on the new master programmes;
4) advanced teaching and learning process introduced;
5) introduced new laboratory equipment, library units and software necessary for the continuation of the new master programmes.


web-site: www.natrisk.ni.ac.rs

e-mail: natriskuni@gmail.com

Program: Other | S&T field/scope: General | Affilation and Pillar: Research and innovation community | Geographical focus: Western Balkans