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Danube Region Research and Innovation Fund (DRRIF)

The Danube Region Research and Innovation Fund is a flagship project of Priority area 7 - to develop the Knowledge Society (research, education, ICT) - of the EU's Strategy for the Danube Region.

  • Posted on: 17.10.2014
  • Project date: October 2014 - October 2020
  • Acronym: DRRIF
  • Coordinating institute: http://groupspaces.com/KnowledgeSociety/pages/workinggroup3drrif
Contact: Hartl Martina, Martina.Hartl@bmwfw.gv.at

Its primary objective is to identify, mobilize and distribute funds in order to support the development of research and innovation activities in the countries of the Danube Region.

A DRRIF Working Group has been set up by PA7 to enhance and accelerate the implementation of the goals set in the EUSDR Action Plan and PA7 Roadmap.

Main tasks identified for the group are:

- To investigate and support increased coordination and cooperation within existing funding schemes on national, bi- and multilateral as well as EU-level

- To follow-up the results of the DRRIF feasibility study and exchange information on other PA7 relevant projects;

- To prepare concrete steps for further co-operation based on the results of the study in line with the national/regional R&I priorities.

A dedicated feasibility study has been contracted to analyze the R&I capacities of the Danube countries, the potential cooperation with existing grant and funding schemes as well as prospective thematic areas for co-operation on the one hand and to develop potential scenarios and models for a DRRIF as well as to assess the political will to also financially support different kind of cooperation models.

This study, in combination with the results of the DANUBE-INCO.Net and currently envisaged pilot activities will serve as a basis for further steps towards joint activities in research and innovation in the Danube Region.


Program: Danube Region Programme | S&T field/scope: General | Affilation and Pillar: EUSDR Priority Areas, Key stakeholders | Geographical focus: Danube Region

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