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Institute of Economics, Zagreb

  • Posted on: 11.06.2010
  • Croatia
  • Acronym: EIZ

Website: Link

Contact: eizagreb@eizg.hr

The Institute of Economics, Zagreb is a public scientific institute that conducts scientific and development research in the field of economics. It is particularly dedicated to conducting empirical research in order to improve the understanding of Croatia's economy and identify policy measures that could spur its growth and development. 

The Institute was founded in 1939, and owes its longevity to perseverance in the objectivity and quality of scientific research. Since then, the Institute has encouraged freedom of thought and expression. It is of great importance to maintain independence of any political structure or interest group, and to remain unburdened by ruling ideologies. The impartiality in the scientific work undertaken also derives from the mixed financing – approx. 60% of income is paid from the state budget, while the rest is earned on the market and comes from donations. 

The Institute research team is very young on average, yet even senior members are still eager and enthusiastic about their scientific and research activities. The Insititute encourages the acquisition of new knowledge and skills in the application of sophisticated analytical techniques. The tradition implies open-minded cooperation with both Croatian and foreign scholars, and sound relations with the business community.

Organisation type: Research Institute | S&T field/scope: Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary | Geographical focus: EU Member States, Croatia, International/Other

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