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2RC l.t.d.

Albanian consultancy company in the fields of Engineering and Energy Efficiency

  • Posted on: 18.11.2016
  • Albania
  • Acronym: 2RC l.t.d.

Website: Link

Contact: Bardhyl Hysenbelli, Ardita Kuci, info@2rc.al; pr.manager@2rc.al

The company provides consultancy services in many field, ranging from construction and design of civil buildings (industrial, tourist, agricultural etc) to reconstructions, restorations, prefabricated buildings, metal constructions, wood etc. The company also provides high qualified consultancy on building materials, machinery and various marketable equipments (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, etc.) as well as on import-export activities, roads, bridges and artwork, waterworks, sewers, etc.

Other fields covered by the company's consulting services are: construction of plants for the production of electricity, substations, transformer cabins, TL and TM lines and distribution of energy and telecommunications; domestic electric plants, telephone lines and TV etc. purification plants and sewage treatment, technological plants, heating and air conditioning; environmental engineering, geological-engineering, drilling.


Organisation type: Company | S&T field/scope: Energy | Affilation and Pillar: Energy and Bio Economy | Geographical focus: Accession countries