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The Institute of Economics, Zagreb

The Institute of Economics, Zagreb is a public scientific institute founded in 1939. It conducts scientific and development research in the field of economics as well as applied research, which includes the development and application of methodology, preparation of strategic documents, background analyses for economic policy-makers and advisory services. 

  • Posted on: 08.03.2016
  • Croatia
  • Acronym: EIZ

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In addition to research activities, our team of 35 excellent and highly motivated researchers united with supporting services’ staff perform a range of complementary activities expanding from publication and dissemination of results of scientific research and development, provision of scientific and professional training of economic experts, provision of expert opinions and proposals on economic policy and business, industry and local and regional communities’ development problems, organization and management of scientific, educational and consultancy activities and publishing. 

Our goal is to raise awareness of economic and other policy-makers, business owners and the general public about various socio-economic issues, simultaneously providing them with the knowledge, information and tools facilitating the resolution of key socio-economic challenges, while maintaining the highest level of quality, independence, impartiality and ethics of our scientific work. Our researchers hold an in-depth expertise in areas of macroeconomics and international economics, business economics and economic sectors, social policy and labour market as well as regional economics. Our experience and expertise are well recognized among our partners which results in a number of successful collaborations. Building on prior success and expanding our areas of interest, we are always in the search for new partnerships and projects.
In accordance with existing knowledge and scientific and professional references, in order to achieve scientific excellence, researchers of the Institute focused their research capacities in four thematic areas. 

Macroeconomics and international economics
The area of macroeconomics and international economics at the Institute of Economics, Zagreb encompasses the following thematic subareas of research: • Financial system and international capital flows - our researchers explore international capital markets, behavioural finance, debt and deleveraging, banking and loan allocation, entrepreneurship and innovation financing as well as public-private partnerships. • Competitiveness and internationalization - our researchers explore economic systems and competitiveness, economic cooperation between countries of South Eastern Europe, fiscal devaluation and the European Monetary Union. • Croatian economy - our researchers explore export competitiveness, macroeconomic policy, Croatian accession to the European Monetary Union, current macroeconomic trends, activity of economic sectors and cyclical movements. 

Business economics and economic sectors 
The area of business economics and economic sectors at the Institute of Economics, Zagreb encompasses the following thematic subareas of research: • Institutions - our researchers explore the topics of privacy, institutional trust and decision-making models in the digital age as well as economics of corruption. • Innovation, research and development - our researchers explore the Innovation Union, methodology development for the research on innovation, innovation in SMEs, eco-innovation, creativity, innovation activities in the services sector and innovation systems. • Sectors and companies - our researchers explore the processing industry, retail, tourism, cultural and creative industries as well as strategic management. • Consumers - our researchers explore processes and factors of consumers’ and organizational buyers’ decision-making, consumers’ buying behaviour. 

Social policy and labour market 
The area of social policy and labour market at the Institute of Economics, Zagreb encompasses the following thematic subareas of research: • Labour market and competences - our researchers explore employment and unemployment, industrial/ labour relations, education and training. • Health and well-being - our researchers explore health financing, health insurances, well-being measurement and health and inequality. • Pensions and aging - besides pensions and aging, our researchers explore the fiscal challenges of aging. • Inequality, poverty and social policy - our researchers explore inequality, poverty and social exclusion and social protection policy.

Regional development 
The area of regional development at the Institute of Economics, Zagreb encompasses the following thematic subareas of research: • Regional development and regional policy - our researchers explore cohesion policy and regional development in the Republic of Croatia, regional policy and innovation and regional development and institutions. • Local development - our researchers explore local economic development, revitalization, urban regeneration and reindustrialization and local finances. • Economy and environment - our researchers explore the economic aspects of environmental policy.

The two principal areas of activity of the Institute of Economics, Zagreb - scientific and development research in the field of economics, and applied research projects for national and international business entities, organizations and institutions - prove to be complementary. The Institute applies and verifies scientific accomplishments in applied research projects, supports and advises business entities, state administration and local government based on its expertise, builds international cooperation and informs the public about the results of its research. 

Services provided by the Institute include:
• Current economic trends analysis
• Macroeconomic forecasts preparation
• Methodology development and application
• Strategic documents development
• Background papers preparation for economic policy-makers
• Consultancy services 

Our researchers conducted a number of projects providing their knowledge and expertise in the scope of the abovementioned services. Our expertise is further acknowledged through a series of successful products and publications. The Institute of Economics, Zagreb publishes the Croatian Economic Outlook Quarterly, a periodical published in English on a quarterly basis, which provides an analysis of recent macroeconomic trends and gives a short-term forecast. The Croatian Economic Outlook Quarterly is recognized by the local business community, national and international financial institutions, international organizations and academic community as an unbiased and reliable source. Furthermore, Sector Analyses is an online publication offering expert and impartial analyses of various sectors of the Croatian economy: tourism, retail, chemical industry, telecommunications, food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry, construction, transport and energy. In addition to an analysis of the main sectoral indicators for the Croatian market, the publication also provides a comparison with the EU market. The analysis includes an overview of the leading Croatian companies in the sector as well as forecasts for the current and following year. The Institute of Economics, Zagreb developed the Coincident Economic Index of the Institute of Economics, Zagreb (CEIZ), a monthly composite business cycle indicator with the purpose of providing timely information on the current condition of the business cycle. The CEIZ index value changes simultaneously with the business cycle, thus indicating the present state of the economy.


Organisation type: Higher Education, Other, Research Institute | S&T field/scope: Humanities | Affilation and Pillar: Key stakeholders, Research and innovation community, Research and Innovation support Initiatives | Geographical focus: Croatia, International/Other

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