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Ministry of National Education, Romania

MEN (ANCS) is participating to several FP 6 and FP 7 projects - ERA-NETs and Support projects, and has an extensive competence in international cooperation in science and technology and related projects. Among others, it can be mentioned: NEURON ERA-NET, HY-CO ERA-NET, INTER-LINK (will start in 2007), ERA SyS APP. It is also coordinates the network of ENV National Contact Points for FP 7 (www.env-ncp-together.eu). MEN (ANCS) was participating to SEE-ERA.NET and is participating to SEE-ERA.NET Plus which bring additional value to Danube.INCO-NET.

  • Posted on: 08.05.2014
  • Romania
  • Acronym: MEN

Website: Link

Contact: MEN, Strada General Henri Mathias Berthelot 28, Bukarest, Rumänien, viorel.vulturescu@ancs.ro

MEN is a result of a merging process between Ministry of Education, Research, Education and Youth and the National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS) in 2013. MEN is a key player in defining, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of the research, development and innovation strategy, policies and programs. On behalf of the Romanian Government, MEN is providing support for scientific research and the transfer if its results into the socio-economic area. MEN has been assigned with the overall responsibility for RDI policy coordination and planning according to the National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation and the Government's Program. In addition, MEN has been charged to stimulate regional and local development, foster private sector growth and international partnerships. The main funding instruments through which MEN is providing support for RDI projects performed by academia and the business sector are the followings: a) 2nd National Plan for RDI for 2007-2013, b) Core Program, a basic institutional funding solely dedicated to the National R&D Institutes; c) Sectorial Plan for Research. It is worthwhile to mention that MEN, as part of its active internationalization policy of research, is providing funds within the framework of the 2nd National Plan for the support of an increased participation of the research community to prestigious international organizations like CERN and ESA and for the scientists' access to large infrastructure facilities of European value recognized as such by the European Strategic Forum for Research Infrastructures like FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research to be built in Germany) and ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure, 3rd pillar on Nuclear Physics to be built in Romania). MEN is also deeply involved in activities mentioned in the Action Plan of the Danube Strategy especially those related to R&D infrastructures and is a member of PA 7 Steering Group.

Organisation type: government/ministry | S&T field/scope: General | Geographical focus: Danube Region, Romania