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University of Ruse "Angel Kachev", Bulgaria

The University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev" (URAK) was transformed with a Decision of the People's Assembly of 21 June 1995 and is a successor of the higher technical school, established in Ruse in 1945. As a member of the Danube Rectors Conference, the University of Ruse has been honoured to preside the DRC network. The University has a broad experience in research and educational initiatives related to Danube region. Some of them are funded by FP projects, others by Cross-Border Cooperation Bulgaria-Romania, etc. There are eight faculties in the structure of the University. The different forms of collaboration among them (projects, networks, etc) have generated variety of positive results on the regional development, both from political and scientific points of view.

  • Posted on: 08.05.2014
  • Bulgaria
  • Acronym: URAK

Website: Link

Contact: URAK, ulitsa "Studentska" 8, Ruse University Angel Kunchev, Русенски университет "Ангел Кънчев", 7017 Russe, Bulgarien, secretary@uni-ruse.bg

As a member of the Danube Rector Conference the University of Ruse has been honoured to preside the DRC network. The University has initiated and participated in a variety of initiatives with/of the local, national and EU authorities with direct improvements of the Danube region. Participation in some projects:

  • Under FP7: 286975-FP7-REGIONS-2011-1 INTRAREGIO - Towards an Intermodal Transport Network through innovative research-driven clusters in Regions of organised and competitive knowledge. SCS8-GA-2009-234106 Baltic-Balkan-Network for Logistics Competence (B2B LOCO), etc.
  • Under CBC Bulgaria-Romania: ELECTRORIVER - Joint Study Regarding an Electro-Generator System Powered by Water Turbine for Cross-Border Ecological Electrical Transport System. BIOFUELS - source of common sustainable development in the cross-border cooperation area". ECO-BIZ - RES-OP-DEV MIS-ETC code 222 "Ecologic Cross-Border Operations For A Business Integrated Zone. "Cross-border destination Cultural Tourism" Easter-Pontic ", (BRAINS) Bulgarian-Romanian Area Identities - A Neighbouthood Study, etc.
  • CIP: STARTENT - Fostering Business-University Partnerships for Entrepreneurship Education in Europe"
  • Project 44745/A001 - Special Educational Partnership Program in Regional Development Management with Bulgaria ECA/A/S/U-03- 22 - Cornell University, USA.
  • Green Alternative Postal Vehicle Project Green Post, Program Intelligent Energy Europe (EIE), etc.

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