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Agency for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development

  • Posted on: 30.06.2014
  • Slovenia
  • Acronym: AKTRP

Website: Link

Contact: Benedikt JERANKO, Dunajska 160, 1000 Ljubljana or p.p. 189, 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia, benedikt.jeranko@gov.si; aktrp@gov.si;
The Agency for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development (AKTRP) has been operating since 2000 as a body within the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment of the Republic of Slovenia. It was established for the implementation of programmes of the agricultural policy reform, alignment to the EU common agricultural policy and payment of SAPARD pre-accession assistance. Nowadays it is the only accredited paying agency in Slovenia for the allocation of funds of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in the field of agriculture, food-processing industry and rural development.

Areas of work: implementation of agricultural structural policy and rural development policy; establishment and implementation of an integrated administration and control system in agriculture (IACS); implementation of agricultural market price policy, data collection and the establishment and implementation of market information system (MIS); implementation of internal controls and internal audit. The agency is fully accredited to carry out the most complex procedures in the allocation of funds in the field of agriculture, food industry and rural development as well as to implement measures of direct payments, rural development measures and measures of agricultural markets. Thoroughly review the administrative and substantive adequacy of applications and claims. In considering applications, it implements a series of checks to ensure the payments are in accordance with national and European legislation. It provides accurate and timely payment of approved funds to beneficiaries.

Organisation type: Agency/Fund, government/ministry | S&T field/scope: Agricultural Sciences | Affilation and Pillar: Policy Dialogue | Geographical focus: Danube Region, EU Member States, Slovenia