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EVAL-INCO – Evaluators Database for International Cooperation

EVAL-INCO is a database of evaluators which is used to facilitate the assessment of proposals for research projects, submitted in the context of the Joint Calls of regional ERA-NETs like SEE-ERA.NET PLUS.

  • Posted on: 03.12.2011

The database EVAL-INCO is directly linked with the web-based Call Management System of the Project Management Agency c/o German Aerospace Center (PT-DLR) “PT-Outline”, providing full functionalities for the administration of the assessment process.
EVAL-INCO was firstly used during the implementation of the SEE-ERA.NET PLUS Joint Call in winter 2009/2010. PT-DLR scientific officers assigned a total of 97 evaluators from 24 different EU Member States, the WBC and Turkey to the 163 Expressions of Interests (resp. the 71 full proposals) targeting several different topics out of the fields of ICT and AgroFood. Finally, 540 reviews have been prepared by the EVAL-INCO evaluators.

After its successful application to the SEE-ERA.NET PLUS Joint Call, EVAL-INCO was also used in the implementation of joint calls in other international ERA.NETs like the BLACK SEA ERA.NET and ERA.NET RUS (an ERA.NET for cooperation with Russia). In addition, EVAL-INCO supported also the international peer review process in national calls in Serbia and Russia.
Well, where do the evaluators in EVAL-INCO come from? As an initial step in late 2008, the “International Association for the Promotion of Cooperation with Scientists from the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union” (INTAS) – already being in liquidation – contacted all evaluators (more than 5400) of the outdated INTAS evaluator database and referred to the invitation of PT-DLR to register in the new EVAL-INCO database. Complemented by peer reviewers from the FP7 database, the nomination of peer reviewers by respective ERA. NET consortia partners and due to additional call PR for potential evaluators in various respective newsletters and via other channels, more than 3000 peer reviewers from around 60 countries have fully registered in EVAL-INCO at currant.

During the registration process, each evaluator is requested to choose keywords from two different lists in order to characterise his or her expertise.
While one of the lists follows a more academic approach (with a total of 289 keywords), the other is derived from the current FP7 programme of the European Commission (comprising 271 keywords). In addition, the evaluator has the option to upload a CV and to describe his or her expertise in two free text fields. All personal data in EVAL-INCO are held strictly confidential according to the privacy statement of PT-DLR. Since EVAL-INCO is a living database, PT-DLR would like to invite experts in all fields of S&T to register (see link below) in order to be prepared for the upcoming Joint Calls.

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