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SEE PROGRAMME annual conference 2012 successfully held in Bologna, Italy

The annual conference organized by the South East Europe (SEE) Programme was successfully held on June 29 2012 in Bologna, Italy. Under the title "The Future built on the Present", the conference aimed to be the key territorial cooperation event in 2012 in South Eastern Europe.

  • Posted on: 30.06.2012

The SEE Programme has made a long way. The Programme area is the most complex of all territorial cooperation areas and has always represented a challenge in political, cooperative, managerial and administrative terms. The challenge has been faced and successfully met by the territorial cooperation tool - the SEE Programme.

The SEE Programme has made outstanding steps in getting closer both EU Member States and non-EU member States, thus ensuring the regional development as a holistic and sustainable concept for the benefit of all people.

In view of the next programming period, the conference focused on the future, what the challenges are, what can be expected from the new policy framework, what are the legacies of the present programming period that could and should be continued in the next one. The invited speakers are representatives from the European Parliament, Programme Authorities and representatives from IPA and ENPI countries.

The projects financed through the SEE Programme have delivered concrete and tangible outcomes. Those outcomes are contributing to regional development not forgetting that real people, citizens are behind, or better to say ahead of everything. 

The linkage between the present and the future of territorial cooperation must be ensured and the conference aimed to be a forum where a mixture of political and thematic discussion tried to bridge the Programme results to the future challenges.

This year's specific objectives were:

  • to discuss the future of territorial cooperation from political and institutional point of view;
  • to show the added value of the Programme and the achievements up to date;
  • to create an efficient platform for dialoguing over the topic of macroregions and other strategic issues in the SEE area
  • to offer networking opportunities and a framework for the exchange of experience for the Programme stakeholders;
  • to stimulate networking of projects and project partners for future co-operation activities.

The conference brought together up to 400 participants, including practitioners, representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament, government officials and experts from the SEE countries, representatives of international organizations and academia, potential project developers.

Furthermore, a large number of funded projects took the opportunity and presented their activities and results so far in the exhibition during the conference such as EVAL-INNO, FINNO, I3E and many others.

Presentations and further materials will be made available here as soon as they are published. Please see also related links below for more information.

For more information about the SEE Programme please visit:

S&T field/scope: Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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