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WBC-INCO.NET at the Conference "Challenge Social Innovation": presentations online available

Over 300 participants coming from 54 countries jointly developed  a document called 'Vienna Declaration: The most needed social innovations and related research topics' at the International Scientific Conference “Challenge Social Innovation – Innovating innovation by research – 100 years after Schumpeter”  which took place in Vienna, September 19-21, 2011. Besides other activities, WBC-INCO.NET also co-organised a consultation session on Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) back to back with the conference.

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Some of the topics discussed during the Conference were: 
  • What does Social Innovation mean today?
  • How can research sustain Social Innovation?
  • What can the Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) contribute?

A series of sessions which took place over three days, moving from policy discussion and debate to FP7 networking and engagement have also led to development of the joint declaration on the most needed social innovations and related research topics. More information on the conference outputs will soon be available at the conference website: www.socialinnovation2011.eu

WBC-INCO.NET activities 

Social innovation for inclusion and integration

In the frame of the conference "Challenge Social Innovation", WBC-INCO.NET co-organised the session 1.7: Social innovation for inclusion and integration including the following speakers:

  • Paul Stubbs, The Institute of Economics, Zagreb, Croatia: “Promoting social innovations for inclusion in the Western Balkans: key challenges”
  • Sanja Popović Pantić, Centre for Research of Development of Science and Technology, Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Belgrade, Serbia: “Inclusion of female business community in the economic mainstream”
  • Sanja Crnkovič-Pozaić, consultant, Zagreb, Croatia: “Analytical tools for identifying skill needs: part of the social innovation tool kit?”
  • Dennis P. Culhane, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA: “Housing First! Evidence-based social innovations to tackle homelessness”
  • Ana Vale, consultant, Lisbon, Portugal: “Social innovation and inclusion: a new paradigm for action”

Please find below the presentations for download.

Background Reports on Social Sciences and Humanities in WBC

In the frame of WP2, T2.4 seven background reports have been prepared on national research systems in the field of social sciences and humanities, on social innovation and on priorities of SSH research. The reports were distributed during the conference where wbc-inco.net was represented with its own stand. The reports are also available in pdf and can be downloaded here.  

WBC-INCO.NET pre-conference event

The WBC-INCO.NET pre-conference event which was attended by over 40 persons (project partners, researchers and National Contact Points as well as persons coming from Science Ministries and Agencies from the region) was used to further discuss the research topics identified in the background reports and which are of regional priority for Western Balkan countries. Employment/Employability, Economic clusters, Demographic challenges, Social changes / inequalities and Transition are just some of the research topics recognised as important for the region.

Matchmaking event

Some of the participants from the Balkans also used the possibility to attend a networking session on Wednesday, providing information on the upcoming call for proposals FP7-SSH-2012 which were launched in summer 2011 and the possibility to meet both potential coordinators and potential project partners in a structured networking environment.

Challenge Social Innovation is an event co-organized by NET4SOCIETY (the Network of Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities National Contact Points) through the support of the European Commission, the Centre for Social Innovation, Vienna and the Dortmund University of Technology.

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