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[Event review] Representatives of WBC-INCO.NET and "WB Regional R&D Strategy for Innovation" technical assistance project met in Vienna

On April 8, 2013 the representatives of WBC-INCO.NET and representatives of "Western Balkans Regional R&D Strategy for Innovation" technical assistance project met in Vienna in order to further explore cooperation potentials.  

  • Posted on: 11.04.2013

The World Bank Team and WBC-INCO.NET jointly organised a meeting which took place at World Bank premises in Vienna. Representatives of the ministries of science from WB countries, the European Commission, Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and Central European Initiative (CEI) exchanged information on current activities while future cooperation and potential joint activities were explored.

Background "Western Balkans Regional R&D Strategy for Innovation" technical assistance project

With job creation stagnant and economic growth stalled, the Western Balkans region faces an intensifying need to create knowledge-based economies that can generate higher-value-added jobs and stronger growth. Hoping to foster synergies among their similar interventions and build on a growing collaboration, governments from the seven economies in the Western Balkans are developing— with the assistance of the European Commission, the Regional Cooperation Council and the World Bank — a regional strategy for research and innovation. In line with the countries’ European integration processes and the goals of the European Union’s growth strategy “Europe 2020,” the overarching objective is to increase the impact of research and innovation on economic growth and employment opportunities.

The Strategy will identify priorities, recommend policy and institutional reforms and be accompanied by an action plan detailing initiatives to be implemented at the supra-national level. It is expected to be presented in 2013 and serve as a framework for a collective effort to promote the Western Balkans’ most urgent priority: increasing innovation, growth and prosperity.

Expected results

  • Larger number of scientific publications in high impact journals.
  • Enhance collaboration between scientific Diaspora and local researchers.
  • Improved success rate of regional applicants in EU funded programs.
  • Increased number and value of patents licensed to the business sector.
  • Stronger industry-science linkages.
  • More research-based startup companies.
  • Higher growth.
  • Better job opportunities

S&T field/scope: General, Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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