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First Joint Committee Meeting The first Joint Committee Meeting on the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) concerning the association of the FYR of Macedonia to FP7 will take place on July 13, 2010 in Brussels.

  • Posted on: 24.06.2010

Representatives of the Ministry of Science are going to meet the European Commission representatives in order to discuss relevant topics related to the MoU. Issues to be tackled are the participation in FP7 and its evaluation, stimulative and supportive activities to foster the participation in the 7th Framework Programme, the design of related processes and the operating mode of the national NCP system. Furthermore, respective questions, problems or possible complicacies shall be identified.

New Series of Events to Promote FP7 Calls

At the last NCP meeting in April 2010, the NCPs agreed to organise a series of events in June 2010 to promote the forthcoming calls in the framework of FP7. These info events only serve as a first opportunity to learn about the content and topics of the calls. In the period between autumn and winter 2010 several brokerage events, expert visits and workshops have been planned to give a deeper understanding of the diverse possibilities of participation.

The Operating Mode of the NCP System

In the FYR of Macedonia, all NCPs meet on a monthly basis discussing all relevant issues related to the implementation of FP7 in the FYR of Macedonia. This has proven to be an effective process guaranteeing an equal level and exchange of information, the build-up of a network and support and cooperation between the NCPs. The friendly atmosphere and efficient team work have shown to be additionally valuable to produce results of high quality.
Secondary, the cooperation of the NCPs from the FYR of Macedonia with NCPs from other EU countries is continuously improving enhancing the integration of the NCPs in the international network. The NCPs regularly attend the international meetings and events and actively contribute to and support the successful results of international NCP work.

Author: Violeta Atanasovska.

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