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[Event Review] A successful review meeting organised by WBC-INCO.NET in Tirana

A review meeting was held in Tirana/Albania on April 4 and 5, 2012 in the frame of Task T8.2. Selected good practice examples of innovation measures were presented and discussed in view of a possible adaptation for the Western Balkan countries. Please find below the presentations and other relevant documents used.

  • Posted on: 19.04.2012

Participants of the meetings were the WBC-INCO.NET partners from the Western Balkan countries (especially the Ministries in charge of Science, Research and Innovation), invited external experts and the project partners dealing with Task T8.2.

The presentation and the discussions were based on Deliverable D8.50, the collection of good practice examples of innovation measures. This report encompasses 45 good practice examples from EU-Member States and the Western Balkan countries (see link below).

Please follow the link below Event: Review meeting in Tirana in order to access the presentations and other related documents.

S&T field/scope: Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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