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Albania: Participation in COST

In the frame of the expressed interest of Albania becoming a COST member, the Agency of Research, Technology and Innovation has organized an Information day on 22 November 2010, with the participation of Prof. Dieter Schinzer, the Chair of the Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technologies COST Domain, Mr. Damir Jelicic, Croatian member of the COST Committee of Senior Officials and Ms. Svetlana Voinova, Coordinator of COST Balkan Activities.

  • Posted on: 14.01.2011

In this conference, the invited experts presented COST Programme to the Albanian scientific community and explained how to be a participant in COST actions, highlighting the benefits and opportunities for Albania, which is currently participating in this program as a non-COST country. Albanian researchers, who are currently participating as a non – COST country, shared their experience and best practices.

Source: ARTI

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