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[Event Review] - Smart Specialisation Strategies implementation: Priorities, Related Policies and Impact Assessment

A Report  has been recently made available as a result of the Smart Specialisation Platform's working meeting that gathered a selected number of experts to reflect on current developments and share views and experience in the realm of S3 implementation

  • Posted on: 10.08.2019
  • Spain

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The event tackled the following points:

1) Stocktaking of national/regional priorities and linkages with policy measures implemented/planned on their basis.

  • Will the national/regional priorities be revised to refine the S3 strategy and/or to adapt to new market conditions and the global context?
  • How does consistency/coherence is being assessed? What data collection methods are being used? What is the role/involvement of regional stakeholders in the process?
  • What complementary policy measures may need to be contemplated (policy roadmapping) in order to boost the impact of S3?
  • What do you see as important critical junctures on the road ahead?


2) How does your country/region plan/propose to assess the impact of S3 (beyond checking the levels of output/indicators proposed)?

  • For instance, changes in terms of funding decisions, or in terms of policymakers' and stakeholders' behaviour?
  • And more broadly and importantly, towards the regional economic transformation that S3 is promoting?


The report from the working meeting is now availble.

Agenda and Presentations

Draft agenda


Registration and Welcome coffee


Opening by Manuel Palazuelos, Project Leader of the Smart Specialisation Platform, Territorial Development Unit of EC Joint Research Centre

Foreword by Dimitrios Kyriakou and Caroline Cohen, Members of the S3 Platform


Presentation by experts on a given topic (5 minutes each)


Coffee break



S3 Impact assessment

Participants were divided in 3 groups.

Two of them discussd about "Patterns reflecting national/regional economic transformation"

One group reflected on "Behavioural changes regarding policy-makers, stakeholders and beneficiaries"


Lunch break


Stocktaking of national/regional priorities and linkages with policy measures implemented/planned on their basis

Participants were divided in 3 groups, tackling the following issues:

  • Revisiting/Refining Priorities
  • Coherence/Consistency, policy road mapping assessment, involvement of stakeholders, complementary policy measures to boost the impact of S3
  • Critical junctures on teh road ahead


Coffee break


Final reflections and suggested topics for future discussion


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S&T field/scope: General | Affilation and Pillar: Key stakeholders, Research and innovation community | Geographical focus: EU Member States