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Expression of Interest: Collaborating Region in the Water Smart Territories Partnership

The European Commission recently approved a new thematic area focused on “Smart Water Territories” in the S3 Industrial Modernisation Platform.

  • Posted on: 25.04.2019
  • Spain

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The regions of Aragón (Spain), Centre – Val de Loire (France) and Fryslân (The Netherlands), are leading this initiative and as a next step they are gathering relevant information on other regions interested in participating actively in this thematic area. The main goal of WST is to strengthen innovation capacity of European regions beyond water resource efficiency, in order to facilitate new investments based on open innovation infrastructure and new technologies for sustainable water management by clusters and other actors in regional ecosystems.

WST aims to expand its current network to collaborating regions committed with this initiative and the following phases:

  • WST Phase I: To prioritise sub-areas for collaborating innovations and the exchange of experiences and identification of relevant regional assets and stakeholders
  • WST Phase II: To facilitate the identification of new projects and joint activities allowing the development of innovative technologies and services and identify the scope for the development of co-investment opportunities

The partnership kindly invites interested regions to respond with a confirmation of interest. Please read this form with all information regarding the expression of interest.

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