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Competence Centre on Technology Transfer lauched today by JRC!

The Joint Research Centre officially launches the Competence Centre on Technology Transfer in Brussels on Friday, December 14th 2018.

  • Posted on: 14.12.2018
  • Belgium

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The core mission of the Competence Centre on Technological Transfer is to provide expert services to DGs, regional and local authorities and relevant stakeholders in three key areas:

  • technology transfer operational support,
  • financial instruments conception and
  • design and support to innovation ecosystems and clusters.

The three main objectives of the Technology Transfer Competence Centre are:

  • creating a recognised reference point for expertise on technology transfer for the European Commission and the institutions of the Union.
  • providing technology transfer relevant evidence and related expert services in support to the entire EU policy cycle, from the upstream concept stage to the downstream implementation phase.
  • deepening competences in understanding and knowledge of technology transfer through research and the structured aggregation of results and best practices generated by other DGs and EU programmes (e.g. H2020, COSME, etc.).


Live streaming - You can follow the event live through this link.



The CCTT will deliver services in the two key areas of policy support and operational support.  

Policy support services will be focused on the dissemination of tools, knowledge and expertise stemming from best practices in technology transfer gathered from interaction with the JRC's network of experts, practitioners and partner organisations or emerging from collaboration with other commission DGs and EU programmes (H2020, COSME, Europe Enterprise Network, etc.).

Operational support activities will normally be implemented with respect to specific institutions, Science Parks or Clusters. Generally speaking, engagements will be structured in a sequential fashion starting with a diagnostic phase, followed by a phase focused on the design of possible solutions or remedial strategies and accompanied by capacity building support to facilitate implementation.

Community of practice

Over the last few years, the JRC has created and galvanised an extended community of practice formed of practitioners, experts and stakeholders in the Technology Transfer sector. This community is centred around the TTO Circle, a network of the technology transfer offices of Europe's largest public research organisations. Since 2014, the community has expanded its geographical scope to include practitioners and stakeholders from eastern neighbourhood countries, with a particular focus on the Western Balkans. The CCTT aims to expand the geographical reach of this community to cover also countries in Europe's Southern Neighbourhood as well as key third countries with which the EU has bi-lateral S&T agreements. The extension of the community of practice to these additional geographies should be undertaken with the idea of also supporting and facilitating the internationalisation of European Public Research Organisations (PROs) and of their technology transfer activities.


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