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Revision of the EUSDR Action Plan - Priority Area 7 "Knowledge Society" (research, education, ICT)

PA7 is developing a public online consultation related to the EUSDR Action plan revision (Consultation period: December 11th, 2018 -  January 4th, 2019) 

  • Posted on: 14.12.2018
  • Slovakia

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The EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) addresses a wide range of issues which are divided among four pillars. The EUSDR Actions are pre-defined in the EUSDR Action Plan aiming at moving “from words to actions”, by identifying the concrete priorities for the macro-region and responsibilities for the implementation and follow-up of the priorities.

Over the years the priorities evolve and the actions and projects need to be updated, transformed or replaced. The Action Plan is therefore “rolling” and should be regularly reviewed in light of new, emerging needs and changing contexts.

The current EUSDR Action Plan is being revised and your inputs would be valuable for us!

Current PA7 actions (created in 2010) are:
1) “To cooperate in implementing the flagship initiative “Innovation Union of the Europe 2020 Strategy” in the Danube Region countries” and ultimately, monitor the process in reaching the targets of Europe 2020 with regard to R&D, innovation, entrepreneurship and education".
2) “To coordinate better national, regional and EU funds to stimulate excellence in research and development, in research areas specific for the Danube Region”.
3) “To strengthen the capacities of research infrastructure”.
4) “To strengthen cooperation among universities and research facilities and to upgrade research and education outcomes by focusing on unique selling points”.
5) “To develop and implement strategies to improve the provision and uptake of Information and Communication Technologies in the Danube Region”.
6) “To draw up internet strategies”.
7) “To use e-content and e-services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of
public and private services”.
8) “To stimulate the emergence of innovative ideas for products and services and their wide validation in the field of the Information Society, using the concept of Living Labs”.

For more info on PA7 and EUSDR, please consult:

Your replies will be handled in a confidential and anonymous way – no data will be given out to any third parties without your approval.

May you have any questions please write to Ms Jaroslava Szüdi (jaroslava.szudi@minedu.sk) or to Ms Dijana Strbac (dijana.strbac@pupin.rs).

The completion of this survey contains altogether 5 questions (none of them is compulsory) and takes approximately 10 minutes.


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