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DTP just released its new bulletin

The DTP 14th newsletter informs on the European Week of the Regions and Cities, 7th EUSDR Annual Forum and DTP brochure publication. It further contains relevant information on the upcoming 3rd call for proposals.

  • Posted on: 14.11.2018
  • Hungary

Website: Link

To introduce the newsletter, DTP website briefly reports that:

  • During the annual European Week of the Regions and Cities, the DTP had a very active participation. The DTP has contributed to the joint exhibition “Made with Interreg” and the joint participatory session “Idea lab on the future of transnational Interreg cooperation”. 
  • The EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) celebrated its 7th Annual Forum in Sofia, Bulgaria. DTP organised a plenary session on the second day to highlight the contribution of the DTP to a better Danube region. It prepared a 'DTP meeting corner' in the exhibition area with projects' spaces and the intervention of some DTP projects in one parallel workshop.
  • This year the DTP has successfully organized a photo competition for the first time in the framework of the European Cooperation Day 2018 (September 21st) celebration.


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