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IPR Helpdesk dedicates a Country Special on IP to Romania

IPR Helpdesk provides through several articles an overview of the Romanian IP and innovation landscape.

  • Posted on: 12.09.2018
  • Romania

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The first article analyses how, after the revolution of 1989, Romania began the transition from communism to a market economy with largely mono-industrial areas generating an output no longer suitable for the country’s needs. Adapting to the new market requirements, Romania changed to an intellectual property legislation harmonised with main international treaties and conventions. Since joining the EU in 2007, exports have developed into an engine of growth accounting for roughly 70% of Romania trade.

As part of the IP Special on Romania, our infographics will give you an overview of the country's IP and innovation landscape. Please follow this link to find out more.

IPR Helpdesk continues its special contry report by providing a Case Study: A Solar Future for Romania and an Interview with Professor Alexandru Marin on IP and Innovation in Romania

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