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Exploitation of Danube-INCO.NET results: Mutual learning exercise on widening

On March 22-23, a workshop of the Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on National Practices in Widening Participation and Strengthening Synergies was held in Dublin, Ireland to which Danube-INCO.NET was invited to share lessons learnt from the networking activities implemented in the project and the support to widening initiatives provided.  

  • Posted on: 27.03.2018
  • Ireland

Website: Link

Contact: Elke Dall, dall@zsi.at

This third fact-finding visit saw the national participants and MLE expert discussing on "improving networking". The participants met Irish research and innovation (R&I) stakeholders in order to gather information and discuss good practice on improving networking through participation in a range of R&I actions, but also further experts were invited - among them Elke Dall, a former coordinator of Danube-INCO.NET: Integrating Danube regions_E.Dall_.pdf

Other presentations included:

Information about the MLE is available at the webpage: https://rio.jrc.ec.europa.eu/en/policy-support-facility/mle-national-practices-widening-participation-and-strengthening-synergies




S&T field/scope: H2020 general | Affilation and Pillar: Danube-INCO.NET, Research and innovation community | Geographical focus: Danube Region, EU Member States

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