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Policy Mix Peer Review report successfully disseminated in Sarajevo

In the frame of the Danube-INCO.NET project, the dissemination event of the policy mix peer review (PMPR) exercise of Bosnia and Herzegovina took place on 25 May 2017.

  • Posted on: 22.06.2017
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Policy Mix Peer Review Report was related to the task “Analytical Evidence on Research and Innovation in the Danube Region” and the Deliverable D432 of the Danube-INCO.NET project. It provides analytical evidence on the cooperation in research and innovation and reviewed good practices in supporting R&I, instrument portfolio and policy mix.

For the elaboration of the reports, a peer review mechanism was set up to map and analyse programme and instrument portfolios, incentive schemes and policy measures, funding bodies and institutional set-up, framework conditions for R&I, etc. of the countries selected and also to allow the exchange of good practices and formulating recommendations. This PMPR exercise was carried out by a team of peers (5 international experts in S&I policy setting and implementation) and led by an experienced external expert, the Team Leader.

The event was organised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH and the Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development (RCISD, Hungary) back to back with the NCP and PC’s members meeting.

The workshop gathered more than 30 representatives of the Bosnian academia, industry and government sectors, where Mr Béla Kardon, Chief Scientific Officer of RCISD first introduced the results of the Danube-INCO.NET project. After it Mr Lajos Nyiri, Team Leader of the international expert group reported about the Policy Mix Peer Review report and it’s outcomes.

S&T field/scope: Technology/Knowledge Transfer, Energy, Education, Engineering and Technology, Innovation and Development, Natural Sciences, ICT | Affilation and Pillar: Danube-INCO.NET, Research and innovation community, Policy Dialogue, Analysis, Research and Innovation support Initiatives | Geographical focus: Western Balkans, Danube Region, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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