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[Event Review] DR Synergy Workshop: Research - Innovation - Knowledge Society

The Danube Region workshop with the title Fostering synergies of projects and initiatives in the Danube Macro-region took place on 30 March 2017 at Tech Gate Vienna. The event was organised by the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI, Austria) in the framework of FP7 project Danube INCO.NET, in the capacity as an official kick-off meeting of DTP projects ResInfra@DR and Excellence-in-ReSTI organised to external stakeholders and other relevant interested parties.

  • Posted on: 26.05.2017
  • Austria

68 people participated in the event, while 88 people registered until the deadline – some unregistered participants also attended the workshop. The workshop gathered representatives from the academia, industry and government sectors involved in various capacities of education, research and innovation (universities, research institutes, policy-makers, non-profit and for-profit companies). Participants represented more than 40 organisations from 12 countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The workshop envisaged two panel discussions for a strategic discussion of topical issues regarding the Danube Transnational Programme and its implementation. In the first panel the invited stakeholders shared their views on the contribution expected from the DTP projects to the current work of the Priority Areas and their existing Working Groups. The second panel focused on the future challenges and opportunities with regard to the macro-regional outreach and uptake of results.

Between the two panels, 14 DTP projects funded under priority area 1 “innovative and socially responsible Danube Region” was presented with the aim of finding potential synergies and potential future activities among them. Two projects lead by ZSI – ReSInfra@DR and Excellence-in-ReSTI – had their official kick-off at the workshop.


The main objective was to attract and involve those organisations representing the projects funded under priority area 1 “Innovative and Socially Responsible Danube Region” in the first call of the Danube Transnational Programme, as well as other key stakeholders from academia, government and business sectors across the Danube Region, in order to stimulate a long-term dialogue and networking beyond the existing partnerships´ duration.

With an emphasis on Priority Area 1 “Innovative and Socially Responsible Danube Region” the aim was to find synergies for cooperation among the projects and, through topical presentations and panel discussions with the participation of relevant high-level experts, take a closer look on currently ongoing and recently finished activities, initiatives and projects that can help to establish synergies.


The workshop was really successful in engaging the newly funded DTP projects belonging to Priority Area 1 since 14 of the 17 such DTP projects participated at the event and presented shortly the related key information on their projects.

All the interested participants had the chance to fill out a short project information sheet where the potential synergies with other presenting projects could be indicated. The collected 33 project information sheets will be an important added value for the ongoing capitalisation strategy initiated by the Danube Transnational Programme’s Joint Secretariat.

Through the successful organisation of the workshop, relevant information on opportunities provided by the newly funded projects under Priority Area 1 and preconditions for their best uptake could be exchanged from the very start of the project implementation period. The event was a vivid starting point to establishing functioning networks reaching out beyond the existing partnerships and to identifying synergies among projects (within and going beyond the established thematic poles).

The Danube Region Synergy Workshop provided the audience with a unique chance of getting acquainted with the past endeavours, ongoing work and future plans of both the project-level and policy-level stakeholders, which contributed to a better understanding within the EUSDR community.

In order to ensure the sustainability of such a networking process, a recommendation to repeat such an event was made by both the participating Panellists and audience members filling-out evaluations.

S&T field/scope: General | Affilation and Pillar: Danube-INCO.NET, Key stakeholders, Research and innovation community | Geographical focus: Danube Region

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