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Meet Danube-INCO.NET at the 5th EUSDR Annual Forum (3-4 November in Bratislava)

Stakeholders of the EUSDR are about to meet to discuss about the progress of the Strategy´s implementation, exchange best practices and to identify further opportunities for cooperation. Danube-INCO.NET participate in this key event as well by 1) organising the panel: Knowledge Society, skilled people, competitive region, on 3rd November and 2) presenting its results at project stand no.5 ! For those not in Bratislava, the plenary sessions will be webstreamed!  

  • Posted on: 31.10.2016
  • Slovakia

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The EUSDR Forum is organised on 3 and 4 November 2016 in the premises of the Slovak National Theatrein Bratislava. The forum entitled "Innovative Flows - Water, Knowledge and Innovation in the Danube Region" focuses on water management and research and innovation in the Danube region. More than 700 stakeholders have registered from almost 30 countries.

Danube-INCO.NET organises the workshop Knowledge society - Common Danube Vision to Transfer Knowledge into Praxis, which is divided into two interlinked sessions. The first session "Knowledge Society, skilled people, competitive region" will focus on the ongoing and future activities that are interlinking education and research policies within the Danube Region, increasing investments and improving coordination between national, regional and EU funds to stimulate excellence in education, research and innovation. The second session will present successful initiatives of the dual vocational education. The invited speakers will present the best projects from Slovakia and other Danube countries and share their practical experience with modernisation of the vocational education and training system leading towards compatible systems of education and helping to reduce youth unemployment and address shortage of qualified work force in the region.

The event is moderated by: Martina Hartl, Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy with participation of:

  • Viktor Nedovic, EUSDR Priority Area 7, Knowledge Society
  • Felix Gajdusek, Danube INCO.NET coordinator
  • Stefan Konetzko, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung 
  • Jürgen Schick, EUSDR Priority Area 9, People and skills
  • Dragica Karaic, EUSDR Priority Area 8, Technology transfer
  • Elena Andonova, Directorate-General Joint Research Centre, European Commission: "Danube Innovation Partnership"




The participants of the Forum will generally have the opportunity to discuss the results and future of the strategy. Workshops of the 5th Annual Forum will cover issues such as water management, knowledge society, governance of the S trategy or links to the EU funds. The forum will also feature the "Scientific Support to the Danube Strategy" by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

Live webstreaming: Please note that you can watch the plenary sessions through live webstreaming, available at http://danube-region.eu/livestream


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