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Labelling of Danube Region Proposals - PILOT PHASE OUTCOME

In the Pilot Phase of the Labelling of the Danube Region proposals, opened for the Horizon 20202 Twinning Call for project proposals dealing with the PA7 targets, the top three applications which received the EUSDR label and the Letter of Recommendation.

  • Posted on: 26.05.2015
  • Slovakia

Website: Link

The top 3 projects are:

  • „In Twining Research Integration on G-rich Assemblies (INTRIGA)“
  • „Integral approach to study ecosystem functioning in response to anthropogenic pressure (INTEGRECO)“,
  • „Enhancing Research Potentials in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (ERPSISE)“

All winning proposals received Letter of Recommendation and the Letter for the Evaluation Committee of the Twinning Call, to give a brief overview of this new established facility for labelling of the proposals relevant for the Danube Region, and the pilot phase implemented.

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