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EUREKA Network Projects, an instrument for R&D&I collaboration, regional and global

In newly rebranded EUREKA Network Projects, applications for support are open all year long, to any type of market-oriented technologies and with the requisite of involving an international partner. EUREKA accompanies a changing global innovation landscape and helps European companies to internationalise their activities, notably through bilateral calls for projects organised in the framework offered by EUREKA Network Projects. Increasingly, these are used as a tool for cooperation beyond the borders of continental Europe. This evolution has led to a recent increase in the number of collaborative projects generated through this scheme - reports the Swiss EUREKA chairmanship.

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EUREKA Network Projects are at the forefront of the globalisation of innovation, at the same time as they remain fundamental to the involvement of Eastern European innovators in transnational R&D&I cooperation at a regional level.

The figure above reflects the complexity and variety of collaborations developed so far during EUREKA’s Swiss Chairmanship by using the Network Projects instrument. Major axes of collaboration include Spanish projects with Turkish partners, German-Canadian and Finish-Canadian projects, Hungarian-Israeli, Spanish-South African projects and innovation projects involving Israeli and Canadian partners. Another common type of collaboration using the instrument are joint projects involving regional, mainly Eastern-European partners such as the cooperation triangle formed by Czech Republic - Slovakia - Poland, or the axes of cooperation between Austria and Slovenia and Germany and Czech Republic.

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