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European Innovation Partnerships

  • Posted on: 01.08.2012
  • Abbreviation: EIP

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What are EIPs?

European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs) have been defined for several selected areas ("Grand Challenges"). They are a way of bringing together public and private actors at EU, national and regional level to tackle the big challenges we face such as climate change, energy and food security, health and an ageing population. These challenges also represent opportunities for new business and the Partnerships will aim to give the EU a first-mover advantage in these markets.

EIPs does not form a new instrument but integrate and better coordinate existing initiatives and instruments. Partnerships should bring together all relevant actors at different levels. Furthermore the whole Knowledge Triangle is taken into account.

Activity areas include:

Active & Healthy Ageing

Agricultural Productivity & Sustainability

Raw Materials

Smart Cities & Communities


What role will EIPs play in implementing Horizon 2020?

- EIPs should increase the impact of actions funded under Horizon 2020 by linking them to a broader strategy and by providing key knowledge, ensuring dialogue, and supporting the follow-up on proposed priorities.

- They deliver important contributions to the definition of priorities in the annual Work Programmes of Horizon 2020, through experience gained during the implementation of different actions under the EIPs.


EIP governance arrangements balance the need for high level commitment and functional coordination, with strong decentralised operational responsibilities to ensure effective ownership by practitioners and other key stakeholders. Membership reflects the integrated approach so that stakeholders dealing with different elements of the supply-demand continuum are adequately represented. Each EIP is led by a representative Steering Board who will need to bring a major commitment to realise the aims of the EIP. The Steering Board will draw up a Strategic Implementation Plan for the EIP.

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