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Directorate General

  • Posted on: 12.03.2012
  • Abbreviation: DG

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Directorate General (DG) is an administrative unit of the Commission. Currently the Commission is divided into about 33 DGs (and 11 comparable services).

Several of them are involved in the management of R&D activities (Horizon 2020, etc.): e.g. DG Research and Innovation (RTD), DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CONNECT), DG Enterprise and Industry (ENTR), DG Energy (ENER), DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE). Furthermore, DG Enlargement (ELARG) is relevant for the enlargement process, DG Regional Policy (REGIO) for processes such as the Danube Strategy, etc. The administrative head of a DG is known as the Director-General.

Danube-INCO.NET has established contacts with administrators on several levels in different DGs in order to support the cooperation in the Danube Region and in the European Research and Innovation Area.

DGs are classified according to the policy they deal with. The Commission services deal with more general administrative issues or have a specific mandate, for example fighting fraud or creating statistics.

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