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  • Posted on: 12.03.2012
  • Abbreviation: Cluster

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Clusters are large projects usually run by industry in self-organisation. Clusters are powerful engines of economic development and drivers of innovation in the European Union. They provide a fertile business environment for companies, especially SMEs, to collaborate with research institutions, suppliers, customers and competitors located in the same geographical area.

Source and further information: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/innovation/policy/clusters/

Inspired by an exchange of experiences with Baltic Sea Strategy and their cluster platform "Baltic Sea Region Stars", the WG "Cluster of Excellence" (Working Group of the European Commission's EUSDR Action Plan) has established a cluster platform named "DanuClus". "DanuClus" provides international networking space for future cluster success, innovation, competitiveness and prosperity in the Danube Region.

Source and further information: http://groupspaces.com/Competitiveness/pages/wg-2-cluster-of-excellence