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Open method of coordination

  • Posted on: 26.05.2015
  • Abbreviation: OMC

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The open method of coordination (OMC) is implemented in several policy in areas which fall within the competence of the Member States, including research (it was initially created as part of employment policy and the Luxembourg process and has been defined as an instrument of the Lisbon strategy).

The OMC provides a framework for cooperation between the Member States, whose national policies can thus be directed towards certain common objectives. Under this intergovernmental method, the Member States are evaluated by one another (peer pressure), with the Commission's role being limited to surveillance. The European Parliament and the Court of Justice play virtually no part in the OMC process.

The process is based on:

  • jointly identifying and defining objectives to be achieved (adopted by the Council);
  • jointly established measuring instruments (statistics, indicators, guidelines);
  • benchmarking, i.e. comparison of the Member States' performance and exchange of best practices (monitored by the Commission).