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Workshop: Transitioning from 2014 - 2020 to 2021 - 2027

Although the proposed regulations are still being negotiated, significant changes in the programmes’ management proposed for Interreg deserve an early discussion on their impact and practical implementation.

  • Event date: December 9-10, 2019
  • Posted on: 23.09.2019
  • Frankfurt,
  • Germany

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All the proposed novelties will strongly influence the way Interreg programmes are set up, moreover, will require new and innovative ways to run future programmes. At the same time, other issues could be continued from this programming period to the next one. But do we want to keep all those elements? What do we want to change and potentially improve in the implementation of Interreg programmes?

The aim of this workshop is to give an opportunity for Interreg programmes to discuss and exchange on their understanding of proposed novelties, and the way they plan to implement them. At the same time, the event will provide an opportunity to reflect on the current practices in the management and control system, its value and how to improve it, if needed.

Common understanding and knowledge gained will support programmes in setting-up their management and control system in compliance with the new regulations, with a particular focus on simplification, innovations and avoiding gold-plating.


Target group

This workshop is targeting programmes (Interreg, IPA-CBC and ENI) staff being responsible for setting up a new programme, including audit authorities and interested Member States representatives.


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S&T field/scope: General | Affilation and Pillar: Key stakeholders | Geographical focus: Danube Region, EU Member States