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JRC Conference: Supporting Smart Specialisation Strategies and Technology Transfer in South-East Europe

This Conference is organised by the JRC back to back with the "Innovative Enterprise week" of Bucharest (18-21 June 2019) in the framework of the Romanian Presidency of the Council. The Conference will target innovation practitioners, policy makers, development banks and other innovation players and will bring together the innovation activities from different EU R&I programmes and agencies for the benefit of all participants and in light of the upcoming new Multi-annual Financial Framework.

  • Event date: June 18, 2019
  • Posted on: 04.04.2019
  • Bucharest,
  • Romania

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Promoting research and innovation, digitalisation and connectivity is among the priorities of the Romanian Presidency of the Councilof the EU.The 2018 edition of European Innovation Scoreboard has confirmed thelarge innovation gap between West and East Europe.

At the same time, following President Juncker's 2017 State of the Union address, the Commission adopted in February 2018 a strategy for 'A credible enlargement perspective for and enhanced EU engagement with the Western Balkans'.On 3-4 May2018, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) organised a conference during the Bulgarian Presidency, entitled 'Smart Specialisation and Technology Transfer as Innovation Drivers for Regional Growth'.

This high-level event presented an opportunity to propagate evidence-basedpolicy-making as well as to build on the links betweenthe EU and the Western Balkans R&I community, to enhance connections and exchange of experience among the Western Balkans and the broader South-East Europe region in the fields of smart specialisation, technology transfer and digital economy. This started a programme named "the Sofia process", aiming at makingsmart specialisation and technology transfer important tools to promote transnational cooperation in the region and to provide a dialogue forum for discussing strategic innovation policies and implementation practices.

The European Commission is organising an "Innovative Enterprise week" in Bucharest on 18-21 June 2019 in the framework of the Romanian Presidency of the Council. In this context, the JRC will hold the second conferenceof the Sofia Processon 18 June 2019.The focus will b eon progress, results and challenges related to the developmentand implementation of successful smart specialisation strategies, innovation ecosystems and technology transfer capacities,in particular following the best practices and trends from Europe and internationally.

Find here more information and the preliminary agenda

S&T field/scope: Cluster Development, Financing Methods, H2020 general, General | Affilation and Pillar: Key stakeholders, Research and innovation community | Geographical focus: Western Balkans, Danube Region, Central, East and Southeast Europe

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