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PXL workshop on Governance of the Smart Specialisation Strategies

This Peer eXchange and Learning workshop on governance of the Smart Specialisation Strategies invites EU countries and regions to reflect on the institutional conditions, procedures and methods for the design and implementation of RIS3.

  • Event date: January 31, 2019
  • Posted on: 14.11.2018
  • Linköping ,
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This PXL workshop is organised by the S3 Platform in cooperation with the Innovation and Business development of the Region Östergötland and it will take place in Linköping on 31 January 2019. This meeting brings together national, regional and sub-regional policy makers from EU countries, representatives from the European Commission and researchers.

The aim is to explore, among others, the following issues:

  • Changes/innovations introduced in the governance structure at national, regional and/or local levels (e.g. new institutional actors, new spaces for dialogue and policy learning, new stakeholders involved in the policy process, etc.).
  • Novel practices that mark a clear new working method for the public administration (e.g. e governance, open forum discussion and citizen dialogue, etc.).
  • Main governance challenges that still need to be overcome in order to successfully design and implement a RIS3.
  • RIS3 revision process and main governance implications.



Agenda and Presentations

Draft - Agenda





Chair: Fabrizio GUZZO, Territorial Development Unit, European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Seville, Spain


Fabrizio GUZZO, Territorial Development Unit, European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Seville, Spain


Coffee break


Presentation of the PXL methodology

Inmaculada Periañez Forte, Territorial Development Unit, European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Seville, Spain.


Region A – Östergötland (Sweden)




Region B - North Karelia (Finland)


Coffee break


Region C - Nord-Vest (Romania) 


Collective reflection and conclusions

The three partners under review, together with DG JRC representatives and experts, will comment on the main recommendations and lessons learnt emerged during the PXL exercise.

Conclusions and follow-up activities will also be provided during this final session.


SCANDIC FRIMURAREHOTELLET S:t Larsgatan 14 582 24 Linköping Sweeden

Contact information

Are you interested in participating / attending? Please contact:

Inmaculada Perianez-Forte (Inmaculada.PERIANEZ-FORTE@ec.europa.eu)

Fabrizio Guzzo (Fabrizio.GUZZO@ec.europa.eu)

Registration information

Registration is open. Do not forget to introduce this code: PXLGOV2019
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