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6th International Stakeholder Conference of EUSDR PA9

The conference will be hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research with co-funding received from the European Regional Development Funds.

  • Event date: November 29, 2018
  • Posted on: 10.07.2018
  • Vienna,
  • Austria

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By investing in people and making best use of its human capital, the Danube Region can progress and grow in a smart and inclusive way. To arrive at a knowledge based and inclusive growth, it requires empowering people through investing in high quality and inclusive education and training systems, fighting poverty and modernizing labour markets, training and social protection systems. In light of new, emerging needs and changing contexts, the 6th Stakeholder Conference will provide participants with opportunities to discuss current and future actions of Priority Area 9 ‘Investing in People and Skills’ in the Danube Region.

What challenges should be tackled jointly within Priority Area 9 "Investing in People and Skills" of the EUSDR and how can EUSDR cooperation create added value and support national systems in the period ahead?

Seeking to answer these questions, the conference will build upon substantial work within the priority area conducted since 2011.  It will bring together European stakeholders, officials and experts from the Danube Region and beyond to take the ongoing debates one step further and to pave the way for a structured revision of the 2010 EUSDR Action Plan in the policy fields of PA9.

Further information regarding the event will be sent to you in due course. Information will also become available under www.peopleandskills-danuberegion.eu.

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