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Danube-INCO.NET WP3 Capitalisation Workshop

The main scope of  this WP3 Capitalisation Workshop is to build upon and further develop the inputs collected during the implementation of  Pilot Activities. The results of the Pilot Activities have actually been distilled into two Position Papers, which include a number of recommendations for the development of bioeconomy in the Danube Region, addressing governance, financial and RTI needs. The purpose of the Capitalisation Workshop is to elaborate further on these recommendations.

  • Event date: May 19, 2017
  • Posted on: 29.03.2017
  • Trieste,
  • Italy

Website: Link

The Danube Region’s biomass potential represents an asset that could trigger sustainable economic growth. For this to occur, it is necessary that a comprehensive, inter-disciplinary approach is promoted in the region; this is expected to re-prioritize Bioeconomy in national agendas as well.  It is interesting to note that, with the exception of Germany and Austria, countries participating in the EUSDR have not yet developed national bioeconony strategies. Similarly, no “macro-regional” bioeconomy strategy currently exists. In this regard, the EUSDR could be the appropriate platform where a transnational approach could blossom, also through soft measures as those promoted by Danube-INCO.NET, such as networking, capacity building, knowledge sharing/transfer and open innovation.

The main output of the Capitalisation Workshop will be a “Policy Brief” built upon the results achieved by Danube-INCO.NET Pilot Activities and their respective Position Papers. This shall include a preliminary “roadmap” for future actions towards the development of bioeconomy in the Danube Region.  A first draft of the “Policy Brief” will be circulated among the Workshop’s attendees by the end of April while it will finalised during the event. Therefore, the event will be interactive and will be oriented to a practical and concrete results. Joint elaboration of the “Policy Brief” will help establish a core network of bioeconomy stakeholders, while creating the enabling environment where a Danube bioeconomy community can consolidate. Once finalised, the “Policy Brief” will be disseminated to additional stakeholders during the final month of Danube-INCO.NET implementation, in order to fine-tune it and obtain a broader validation of its content.

About 20 people are expected to attend the event, the majority of which are external stakeholders already involved in the above-mentioned Pilot Activities or having a specific expertise/interest in bioeconomy.

The event will be held at the CEI Headquarters, located in the city centre of Trieste, Italy. More information will follow on this website.

S&T field/scope: General | Affilation and Pillar: Energy and Bio Economy | Geographical focus: Danube Region

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