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Fostering the participation of Danube region stakeholders in Horizon 2020 with a special focus on SMEs

Horizon 2020 is very important to develop and enhance the Danube Region's research capacity especially in non-EU countries, specifically as they are now all associated to the programme (all non-EU Danube Region countries signed association agreements: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine). An important objective of the European programmes is supporting stronger links between science and industry, in particular SMEs. Thus, this workshop concentrates on the participation of SMEs and the main topics of discussion will be different means to strengthen their involvement in Horizon 2020.

  • Event date: April 23, 2015
  • Posted on: 17.03.2015
  • Ukrainian National Academy of Science, Conference Hall, Vladimirskaya, 55, Kiev,
  • Ukraine

Website: Link

Contact: Oleg Rubel, rubeloleg@gmail.com

The workshop is the second in the frame of Task 2.3 “Innovation Union and ERA in the Danube Region”. The selection of the topic is based on a survey among all partners and the policy recommendations related to “Transnational cooperation of national programmes and research infrastructures in the Danube region”, elaborated during the first ERA workshop in Belgrade.

The specific objectives of the workshop are:

  • Analyse the experience of the non-EU countries in regard of their status as countries (about to be) associated to Horizon 2020 and transfer the experience of EU member states (about the governance processes; efficient programme promotion; the mechanisms of communication between policy-makers and the R&I landscape);
  • Discuss the ways of SMEs` participation in the Horizon 2020 and best practices of this in non-EU countries;
  • Identify the mechanisms of strengthening of SMEs` participation in Horizon 2020 and measures to be recommended for enhancing this process.

The three target groups invited to the workshop include decision-makers; representatives of SMEs and researchers.

Participation of around 40 persons is foreseen, coming from the organisations of the project partners involved (DLR, BMBF, BMWFW, ZSI, UNS, IMP, ASM-CIP, MCA, BIC), invitees from Ukraine and other non-EU countries fitting the abovementioned type of actors.

As the workshop takes place in Ukraine, strong participation of the Ministry of Education and Science, the National Academy of Science and the National Contact Point system is envisaged, representing the current stakeholders involved in the process of association to Horizon 2020. 

Based on a concise synthesis report (prepared by the host partner and the task leader for the workshop), it is expected that mechanisms of strengthening participation of SMEs in the Horizon 2020 will be elaborated and measures for enhancing this process will be recommended and transferred to policy-makers, NCPs and stakeholders (mainly SMEs) of the non-EU countries.

S&T field/scope: H2020 general, General | Affilation and Pillar: Danube-INCO.NET, Key stakeholders, Policy Dialogue | Geographical focus: Danube Region, Accession countries, Neigbourhood Countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine, International/Other

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