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4th Annual Forum of the EUSDR

The 4th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, jointly organised by the European Commission, the State of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Ulm will take place on 29 and 30 October 2015 at the Trade Fair Ulm. Registrations available between mid September  to October 20th.

  • Event date: October 29-30, 2015
  • Posted on: 09.06.2015
  • Ulm,
  • Germany

Website: Link

Thi is the most important event of the year for the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. Around 1000 guests are expected.

Under the title "Smart, social, sustainable - Innovation for the Danube Region", the forum will put a strong emphasis on topics such as innovation, professional training and dual education, entrepreneurship and civil society as key factors for a sustainable and integrative growth in the Danube Region.

Several thematic sessions will give the participants of the conference the opportunity to take a closer look at the complex mechanisms that should be put together on a political, project and funding level in order to profit largely of the potential of a macro-regional strategy.

Additionally there will be many networking opportunities and interactive offers like workshops, panel discussions and an exhibition area.

The key events are:

  • Meeting of the Ministers in charge of EU funds
  • Annual Forum with plenary sessions, workshops and an evening reception

DANUBE INCO-NET organises two workshops on Friday 30th:

Paving the way for joint actions in the Danube Region: 2nd Stakeholders Workshop of Danube-INCO.NET


The way forward in aligning transnational R&I funding and activities in the Danube Region

  • Side events (such as 2nd Participation Day, JRC event, conference of the Council of the Danube Cities and Regions, ARGE Donau, "The young Danube", etc.)

A prelimiary agenda is available here while you can find more information on the progamme per day here.

In addition to the 4th Annual Forum, numerous institutions will offer side events, such as meetings, workshops or experience tours to give you a closer look at key areas as well as detailed information. Find information on the side events here and please notice that the registration to a side event does not include registration for the main conference.


S&T field/scope: General, Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary | Affilation and Pillar: Danube-INCO.NET, EUSDR Priority Areas | Geographical focus: Danube Region

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