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EUSDR - Priority Area 6 - Developing study: exploiting funding opportunities

The analysis introduces financing possibilities in Priority Area 6 of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region in 14 Countries and gives the cross section look into the previously projects financed from the EU and outside possibilities.  It covered all programmes that give financing for this specific PA and other relevant documents.

  • Posted on: 05.03.2019
  • Year of publication: 2019

Website: Link

First method used in the analysis was sending a questionnaire to the PA 6 Observers and Steering Group members, and the next step was analysis of projects, activities and programmes financed in the area of biodiversity, landscape, air and soil protection. This covered more than 150 different documents. Programmes covered in this analysis include: national programmes, EU funded regional and national programmes, cross-border, transnational and interregional.

The document should serve as a tool for providing support for future relevant projects that are in the focus of PA6.

For more information, you can find the Study and supporting documents, produced within the project “DTP-PAC1-PA6-06 Biodiversity, Landscapes, Quality of Air and Soils”, “Developing study: exploiting funding opportunities” HERE


Source: https://www.danube-nature.eu/news/developing-study-exploiting-funding-opportunities | Document type: Report / Research/ Studies | S&T field/scope: General | Affilation and Pillar: EUSDR Priority Areas | Geographical focus: Danube Region