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Transnational Danube Region Geothermal Strategy (DARLINGe )

The Danube Region Transnational Strategy jointly elaborated by the six participating countries is based on the key results of detailed investigations that were performed on the entire project area covering key topics, such as the assessment of the geothermal potential with a strong emphasis on transboundary reservoirs, evaluation of current thermal water uses and some best practices (including their technical-operational issues), overview of the national energy strategies and regulatory frameworks, available financial incentives, as well as heat market analyses and data policies.

  • Posted on: 09.04.2019
  • Year of publication: 2019

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Based on a broad consensus and discussion with key stakeholders, the Strategy is considered as an important step towards the Danube Region’s transformation into a low-carbon economy. The full report is available here and can be downloaded from here.


Source: https://www.danube-energy.eu/news/darlinge-transnational-danube-region-geothermal-strategy-published | Document type: Policy/Strategy | S&T field/scope: General | Affilation and Pillar: EUSDR Priority Areas, Key stakeholders, Research and innovation community | Geographical focus: Danube Region