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Report on the implementation of EU macro-regional strategies by the European Commission

This document aims at providing more detailed information concerning the state of implementation of each macro-regional strategy. The document is based inter alia on contributions from the key stakeholders of the strategies, EU institutions, Member States representatives, academia and experts.

  • Posted on: 05.02.2019
  • Year of publication: 2019

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With reference to the EUSDR the main actions proposed  in the upcoming period should be focused on tackling the challenges identified above and taking stock of, and capitalising on results obtained so far. Based on the experience and on the information gathered from EUSDR key implementers, the following areas for further improvement have been identified:

-Strengthen the ownership and commitment of line ministers by emphasizing the potential benefits which the EUSDR may bring and invite them to duly empower the officials representing their ministries at SG meetings;

-Ensure that the revision process of the EUSDR Action Plan, to be completed in 2019, reflects the implementing capacities of participating countries; 

-Ensure a balanced distribution of Priority Area coordination roles;

-Continue to seek for synergies and complementarities with existing instruments and organisations already operating in the Region;

-Encourage a continuous participation of all relevant Commission DGs in SG meetings;

-Improve the dialogue between the EUSDR and ESI Funds/IPA authorities in order to identify and fund broader range of projects and actions in the mainstream programmes. This will be even more important in the planning of upcoming programming period (2021-2027) where cooperation is introduced as a horizontal objective for Cohesion Policy (Commission Proposal);

-Enhance exchange of experiences among programmes that are already funding, or plan to fund, macro-regional relevant projects, even across macro-regional strategies.

-Promote actions, in line with the EUSDR priorities, that bring added value to the EU enlargement process in Western Balkan countries.

-For the next generation of the transnational programme dedicated to the EUSDR, find a better balance between IPA and ERDF funds.

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Source: EC | Document type: Report / Research/ Studies | S&T field/scope: General | Affilation and Pillar: EUSDR Priority Areas, Key stakeholders, Research and innovation community, Analysis | Geographical focus: Danube Region