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The Role of Smart Specialisation in the EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood policy (D 5.29)

The report by Danube-INCO.NET explores the conditions under which the Smart Specialisation model can be applied in the EU enlargement and neighbourhood (E&N) countries.

  • Posted on: 31.05.2017
  • Year of publication: 2017

The analysis examines R&I developments in 11 E&N countries and identifies the main gaps that might hinder successful implementation of S3 initiatives.

Find the report below attached.

Source: Internal /JRC | Document type: Danube-INCO.NET Deliverable, Report / Research/ Studies | S&T field/scope: General | Affilation and Pillar: Danube-INCO.NET, EUSDR Priority Areas, Key stakeholders, Research and innovation community, Policy Dialogue, Analysis, Research and Innovation support Initiatives | Geographical focus: Danube Region