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Analysis of research and innovation projects in the region and transferability of results (D 4.15)

The analysis is a part of the Work package 4: Analytical Evidence on Research and Innovation in the Danube Region, Task 4.1: Monitoring research and innovation cooperation. This task analyses project cooperation in FP7, Horizon 2020 and INTERREG – with a focus on the innovation components. It in particular maps the main publicly available results from projects that support(ed) cluster development, technology transfer and other innovation support measures.

  • Posted on: 20.05.2015
  • Slovakia
  • Year of publication: 2015

Main objective of this Danube-INCO.NET deliverable is to identify and analyse the project results that have a transferability potential for the Danube Region.

The activity is not focused on analysis of research cooperation in the region as such but rather on selection of most relevant success stories (results of the EU-funded projects implemented during 2007-2013) that have significant relevance and potential for transferring the know-how, methods, schemes and tools to the Danube Region in implementation of research and innovation strategies and targets set on the macro-regional level.

Deliverable 4.15 "Analysis of research and innovation projects in the region and transferability of results" selects, analyses and describes the results of EU projects in four main areas:

  1. cluster development
  2. technology transfer;
  3. financing mechanisms and tools;
  4. non-financing methods and tools for supporting research and innovation.

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To search directly those results that are exploitable and related to the cluster development, technology transfer and financing methods access our Document&Tool database and search for above mentioned fields in the "S&T field/scope"


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