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Enabling synergies between ESIF, Horizon 2020 and other R&I-related EU Programmes

ERA Portal Austria has published a Commission staff working document on 26 June, 2014.

  • Posted on: 07.07.2014
  • Austria
  • Year of publication: 2014

Website: Link

This Commission staff working document is a guide providing explanations of the basic rules and principles for using synergies and combining the different funds of ESIF, Horizon 2020, COSME, ERASMUS+, and Creative Europe. It contains recommendations to the relevant actors, as well as Commission support provided to facilitate synergies. It is accompanied by explanations for each programme (Annex 1) and guidance to a set of scenarios to inspire programme designers and implementers regarding project formats and potential and non-exhaustive combination schemes. The guide is complemented by separate guidance on financial instruments, as well as by guidance for potential beneficiaries of R&I and competitiveness-related EU programmes.

Document and related annex can be downloaded below.

Source: http://era.gv.at/object/document/1379 | Document type: Practical advice/guide