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D2.9 Report on ongoing CSAs and national initiatives as regards S&T priority setting in the WBC

Deliverable D2.9 (final version), prepared by Nikos Sidiropoulos (GSRT) in 2008, the 2010-Update of D2.9 (final version), prepared by Kelly Vavasi (GSRT) in 2009/2010, and the 2014-Update of D2.9 (final version), prepared by Michalis Kotsias (GSRT) in 2013/2014. For the report D2.9, two CSAs (Coordination and Support Actions), named SCORE and BAFN (identified under T1.4 in Work Package 1), which were running under FP6  and which have already performed S&T priority setting exercises, have been screened and analysed. Their methodologies for priority setting have been recorded and assessed. Secondly, S&T priority setting exercises in the Western Balkan countries (WBC) at national level have been surveyed as regards their input in the WBC-INCO.NET priority setting process. The Deliverable D2.9 has been updated in Februrary 2010 and in February 2014 regarding the national priority setting activities in the WBC, focusing on possible developments in the national priority setting based on wbc-inco.net results (regional research priorities identified under T2.4).

  • Posted on: 23.09.2008
  • Year of publication: 2008

Source: Nikos Sidiropoulos, Kelly Vavasi and Michalis Kotsias, GSRT. | Document type: Report / Research/ Studies | S&T field/scope: Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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