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R&D Cooperation with the West Balkan Countries - A White Spot on the ERA Map?

The paper written by Klaus Schuch, published by the Office of Science & Technology at the Embassy of Austria in Washington, D.C., touches upon the issues related to amendment of the EU-Balkan Countries Action Plan of science and technology adopted at the Ministerial Conference held in Thessaloniki in 2003 to assure better synergy to the current and planned activities aimed at the science and technology development in the West Balkan countries. The document presents the status analysis figuring out the main factors affecting the science and technology field in the most West Balkan countries. The author makes emphasis on the challenges associated with solving of the problems, provides comments with respect to the Southeast European ERA-NET and its objectives and give the overview of other West Balkan activities coordinated by the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI).

  • Posted on: 08.08.2006
  • Year of publication: 2004

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Source: Klaus Schuch