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Vienna Memorandum on the Western Balkan countries in future European RTD activities

"Integration of the non-candidate countries in South Eastern Europe (Western Balkan Countries) into the European Research Area and the future EU RTD activities" The document summarizes the main issues of the Vienna Workshop on integration of Western Balkan countries into the European Research Area and the 6th EU RTD Framework Program (FP6) - from the year 2000. Topic is the strategy of integration of the mentioned countries into European Research Area as well as the EU future RTD activities associated with the integration in question.The general conclusion of the Workshop was that the Western Balkan countries will play substantial parts in the future development of Europe, thus, the research and technology cooperation will be essential for smooth social and economical development.The main areas to be covered by the EU research are healthcare, agriculture, information society technologies, environment, energy and socio-economic sector. Special efforts aimed at renewal, reconstruction and improvement of research infrastructures shall be taken. In the paper possible scenarios and issues of participation of the Western Balkan states in the EU RTD are considered and the rules established for inclusion of a specific Balkan measure in the future EU RTD activities as well as the specific actions associated with preparation for joining the EU RTD activities are listed.

  • Posted on: 04.08.2006
  • Year of publication: 2001

Source: ed | Geographical focus: EU Member States

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